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Condominium Association / HOA Collections

by Damon R. Ryals - Senior Counsel

I first became acquainted with the unique legal issues of Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) when I was shopping for distressed properties in a Birmingham condominium complex early on in my career as a defense attorney. I let it slip that I was an attorney without realizing I had just met a condominium board member in the parking lot of that complex. Though I admittedly knew only the basics about condominiums at that time, within days I was drafted into service as their attorney and have remained so ever since. Since those days, learning HOA and Condominium Law under live fire, I have found myself more and more focused on the very special issues in Real Estate and Collection Law that are associated with condominiums and HOAs in Alabama. From litigation over collapsed ceilings and improperly painted hand-rails to collection and foreclosure related to unpaid special assessments, we’ve done a great deal of work for HOAs and its my pleasure to continue to do so to this very day.

We realize that HOAs and condominium complexes are communities, which often means that a more delicate approach is necessary to get all parties on the same page while maintaining the peace. We try to start out with a generous spirit of compromise, but ultimately homeowners have to become aware that they are liable for the common expenses of the community if the community is to thrive and everyone’s property is to improve in value. When we take on a new HOA, we begin a bifurcated process. First and foremost is the task of identifying accounts that are routine problems or very much in arrears; and second we attempt to identify issues with By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and procedures which could prevent future collections problems. Then we set out on a standard track which begins with a settlement offer to homeowners in arrears, often proceeds through notification of and discussion with their mortgagee if any, and may in a few difficult situations, result in litigation or more commonly a non-judicial foreclosure action.

If your condominium association or neighborhood HOA is experiencing difficulties with collecting dues, fines, special assessments or other common costs from homeowners, get in touch with us. We want to be your condominium or HOA's attorney and help your community to flourish!

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